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Saddle Soap

Bay Horse Yarn

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Saddle Soap
Saddle Soap

Saddle Soap-Lightly neutral shade with sprinkles of brown and blue. Lovely when paired with Muzzle, Shadbelly and Buckskin colorways Bases available- Yarn dyed with professional acid dyes in dog friendly, smoke free home. Hand wash only in cold water, some color bleeding may occur. This is normal and should be minimal. Color may vary due to monitors or photography.

Available Weights: 
"Muzzle Lace"- 72% Kid Mohair/28% Mulberry Silk-459 yards, 50 grams. 
"Pony Sock"-Single Ply-70% SW Merino/30% Silk-438 yards, 100 grams.
"Show Horse Sock"-4 ply 85% SW Merino Extra Fine 19.5 Microns/15% Nylon-437 yards, 100 grams.
"Dressage Sock"-4 ply 100% SW Merino, Extra Fine (19.5 micron) Merino, 437 Yards per skein. 100 grams. My personal favorite base, super soft! 
"Tall Socks"-4 ply 100% SW Merino, 438 yards per skein, 100 grams. (discontinued)
"Work Horse Sock"-2 ply 85% SW Merino/15 % Nylon, High Twist 393 yards, 100 grams.
"Draft Horse DK"-4 ply 75% SW Merino/25% Nylon- 245 yards, 100 grams (discontinued)
"Draft Horse DK" NEW 4 ply 85% SW Merino Extra Fine 19.5 Microns/15% Nylon-246 yards, 100 grams
"Jumper DK" 4ply 100% SW Merino Extra Fine 19.5 Microns-218 yards, 100 grams.
"Pasture Puff" 2 ply 100% SW Merino Bulky



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